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Family medicine

Dr. med. Helena Class

Family medicine and home visits in Marbella

As a specialist in family medicine, I am here to provide not only diagnosis and treatment of illnesses but also emphasize the importance of medical prevention, which is increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of modern medicine as it allows for the early detection and treatment of many diseases.

From vaccinations to preventive check-ups, and from the management of acute to chronic conditions, I accompany you on your journey towards physical well-being. Additionally, I am your point of contact after a hospital stay or during the rehabilitation phase following a serious illness.

I offer medical home visits where I can conduct a majority of examinations and treatments. Furthermore, I assist you in navigating contact with other specialists both within and outside of the German Clinic Marbella.

As a physician, it is my special concern to provide you with individual and holistic care – utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment and expertise.

My main focus areas include preventive examinations, check-ups, vaccination advice, vaccinations, wound care, surgical follow-up, ultrasound examinations, orthopedic acupuncture, and psychosomatic support.

This includes conducting conventional or specialized laboratory diagnostics, as well as genetic tests, in collaboration with renowned laboratories.

Regular preventive check-ups comprise a comprehensive assessment of your life situation, medical history, vaccination and travel vaccination advice, physical examination, blood and urine analysis, ECG, and ultrasound examination. Throughout, I always pursue a holistic health concept.

Another crucial aspect of my work is the psychological well-being of my patients. I firmly believe that humans should be viewed and treated as a unity of body and soul.

To keep you healthy, aid in your recovery, and ensure your overall well-being – as a general practitioner, I provide medical care and am available to you with trust at the German Clinic Marbella or in your home.

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