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Join us on the last Thursday of every month for a exclusive session with our specialists at German Clinic.

Dr. Michael Peters

Expert Insights
Tailored to You

In this special series, we connect you directly with our team of seasoned specialists who delve into topics central to their expertise.

This broadens your understanding of complex health issues and offers personalized advice in real-time.

Expert-led Education

Each session is hosted by a specialist with deep expertise in their respective field, providing authoritative insights and answers.

Current and Relevant

The topics are carefully selected to be timely and relevant, addressing common concerns and the latest advancements in medical care.

Interactive and Engaging

Participants can engage directly with experts through live Q&A, enhancing the learning experience and allowing for real-time clarification of complex issues.

This Month's Topic:
Hand surgery.

Jantine Posthuma de Boer

Specialist: Dr. Jantine Posthuma de Boer, PhD, FEBHS, Traumatologist and orthopedic surgeon, hand specialist.

Save the date:

Day: 30/05/2024
Time: 17:00h
Venue: Compass Clinic, Estepona
Hand Surgery

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