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Roberto F. C. Mella

Anesthesia in Marbella

As the anesthesiologist of our clinic, Roberto Mella is responsible for administering medications during medical procedures or examinations in the practice to ensure that the patient sleeps comfortably and experiences no pain during the procedures, as well as for preoperative planning of anesthesia for major procedures in private hospitals on the Costa del Sol.

These are the individual tasks and functions:

1. Preparation and administration of anesthesia: The anesthesiologist assesses the patient’s health status, selects the appropriate anesthesia method (e.g., general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, local anesthesia), and administers anesthesia during the procedure.

2. Monitoring during the procedure: The anesthesiologist monitors the patient’s vital signs throughout the medical procedure or examination to ensure they remain stable and no complications arise.

3. Postoperative care: After the procedure or examination, the anesthesiologist continues to monitor the patient as they awaken from anesthesia and treats any postoperative discomfort or complications that may arise.

4. Pain management: The anesthesiologist may also be responsible for administering pain management, especially for patients with chronic pain or postoperative pain.

5. Counseling and education: The anesthesiologist may educate patients about anesthesia methods, help alleviate concerns or fears, and prepare them for the procedure.

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