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Anesthesia in Marbella

It is completely normal that many people are more afraid of the anesthesia before surgery or endoscopy than before the actual procedure. The feeling of being at the mercy of others can cause discomfort.

At German Clinic, we understand these fears and attach great importance to offering you a trusting environment. Our team maintains a family atmosphere and works with the highest level of professionalism to not only provide you with a pleasant experience, but also to ensure a safe procedure according to the latest specialist standards.

In our clinic, we perform gastroscopies and colonoscopies for both diagnostics and therapy under anesthesia. Each patient is considered individually, based on their medical history and current situation. This is the only way we can ensure tailor-made preparation to successfully perform the procedure.

To perform anesthesia, a venous access is first applied to your forearm or the crook of your elbow after changing your clothes in order to administer medication that works immediately. We recommend picking up positive thoughts before falling asleep, as this can have a positive influence on the waking up phase. How well this works depends on age and gender, among other factors, so it’s hard to promise whether everyone will succeed.

After the procedure is completed and the main effect of the anesthesia wears off, the intravenous access is removed, and you can slowly change into street clothes again. We attach great importance to making sure that you feel comfortable throughout the process and know that you are in good hands.

An important note: After the anesthesia, it is important to be accompanied home by an adult. Why this hint? Some patients feel very fit after anesthesia and may have the impression that they can be active again immediately, such as driving. But the ability to react is limited until the following day, and these are pharmacological facts that we should not ignore.

Our team in the field of anesthesiology is well equipped and is always available to you.

We look forward to giving you pleasant and safe dreams soon!

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