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Pediatrics / Paediatrics

Dr. med. Laura Schrörs

Pediatrics in Marbella

A paediatrician in a private outpatient clinic provides comprehensive healthcare for children from infancy through adolescence, focusing on preventive care, disease management, and developmental monitoring. Preventive services include well-child visits, immunizations, and screenings for developmental delays and health issues. Acute care involves diagnosing and treating common illnesses and minor injuries. Chronic disease management covers conditions like asthma, diabetes, and obesity, offering ongoing monitoring and individualized treatment plans.

Paediatricians also address developmental and behavioural health, tracking milestones and managing conditions such as ADHD and autism. They provide mental health support for issues like anxiety and depression. Education for parents and caregivers on nutrition, safety, and healthy lifestyles is a key component, along with coordinating care with specialists when needed.

The private clinic setting allows for personalized, continuous care, fostering strong relationships with families. Child-friendly environments with welcoming waiting areas and supportive staff help create a positive experience. This approach ensures optimal health outcomes through tailored and attentive care.

Specialities at the German Clinic Marbella

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Emergency care.
  • Infectious disease consultation.
  • Laboratory diagnostics (including allergy testing, gastrointestinal diseases, and metabolic disorders).
  • Minor surgery (suture removal, wound care, tick removal, etc.)
  • All preventive examinations from U2 to J2
  • Ultrasound examination of infant hips, abdominal organs, and thyroid
  • Vision, hearing, and speech tests.
  • Vaccinations for children.
  • Comprehensive travel medical consultation and administration of travel vaccinations.
  • Fitness examinations (for kindergarten, sports, etc.), certificates, attestations, evaluations
  • Home visits for acutely ill children
Padiatrie in Marbella