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Dr. Med. Alf Neuhaus
at German Clinic Marbella

Orthopedic Surgeon in Marbella

Dr. Alf Neuhaus, a specialist in Orthopedics, studied Medicine at the University of Eppendorf in Hamburg before beginning his training as an orthopedist in various hospitals in Germany and England. During his specialization training and in the years that followed, he gained extensive experience in the conservative and surgical treatment of simple and complex orthopedic and trauma-related conditions. This includes the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout, tendon and muscle diseases, joint problems, neck and back issues, sports injuries, accident sequelae, and more.

During and after his training, Dr. Neuhaus specialized in the following treatments: hip and knee surgery, hip prosthesis, hip caps, knee prosthesis, arthroscopy, hand surgery (tendon sutures, fractures, Dupuytren’s contracture), foot surgery (bunions, toe correction, and carpal tunnel). Additionally, he has extensive experience in the treatment of accident sequelae and sports injuries, ranging from closed reduction of simple fractures to surgical treatment of complex fractures of the upper and lower extremities, as well as tendon sutures. He employs the most advanced surgical techniques and uses modern materials such as titanium plates and intramedullary nails.
Since the German Clinic Marbella has modern diagnostic equipment, such as digital X-rays (in collaboration with DRN Radiologia) and ultrasounds, Dr. Alf Neuhaus can promptly diagnose the cause and severity of a disease and initiate the appropriate treatment immediately.

In cases of emergency, such as the need for immediate surgical intervention, the German Clinic Marbella organizes the immediate transport of the patient to a nearby private hospital, where Dr. Neuhaus performs all necessary tests, arranges admission, and, if necessary, directly carries out the surgical intervention.

Dr. Alf Neuhaus at German Clinic Marbella

Dr. Alf Neuhaus